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Intersectional Feminism – What Is It and Why Does It Matter?

March 8th was International Women’s Day, an annual celebration of women and their achievements. Although it’s the 21st century, women still experience prejudice. This is why International Women’s Day is also a call to action, used to amplify the voices of women and highlight the ongoing need for gender parity.

You may have heard the phrase ‘intersectional feminism’ and been unsure of its meaning. Put simply, intersectional feminism acknowledges that all women face discrimination but that every individual has their own unique lived experience. Celebrating women from all backgrounds is a vital part of International Women’s Day and offers an opportunity to learn more about the lives of others. This representation also teaches us to be more empathic and supportive.

As Rainbow Blades we believe in equality for all so, whether you are a woman or an ally, consider elevating the stories of those who have historically been silenced this March. Women from ethnic minorities and trans and queer women in particular need our support. Let’s raise up our sisters’ voices and #EmbraceEquity.

You can find out more about International Women’s Day at

Rainbow Blades member, Katey Lovell

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