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James Laley
Founder & Chair

I founded Rainbow Blades because anyone who is a Blade, no matter your Sexual or Gender Identity or any other protected characteristic, should always be able to support Sheffield United, enjoy football as a fan, player or coach without any fear of discrimination. I want all fans to be welcome at Bramall Lane. I want Sheffield United to be a fully inclusive football club and shout about it.  

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Anna Kent
Vice Chair

There's been some progress in sport in the last few years around homophobia and inclusion, but like with racism, football still has a long way to go. I'm passionate about making the sport and team I love so much a welcoming environment for everybody.

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Adam Murray

I want to be on this committee to ensure that we take football kicking and screaming into the 21st century on this issue. Inclusivity of all is key, and how we achieve that is through talking and accepting difference. This is a real chance to show LGBT+ youngsters that they have a place in football. It’s also a chance to fight against the advice of agents and others, whom are encouraging players to stay ‘in the closet’ when players coming out would change this conversation altogether.

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Katey Beeden
Administration & Public Relations

I joined Rainbow Blades in 2020 because I'd grown distant from United after having my son and struggling with anxiety. Lockdown made me realise I wanted to reconnect with the club and meeting others who were passionate about making Bramall Lane a welcoming and inclusive space for all was one of the best things to come out of covid. 


I've made amazing friends through Rainbow Blades and wanted to join the committee to reach out to other fans, especially those who are shy or anxious, who are looking to join the fantastic, safe community Rainbow Blades are building.

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