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Trans Day of Visibility

March 31st marks Trans Day of Visibility, an annual event celebrating transgender people and raising awareness of their history and the discrimination they face.

Stephanie, one of Rainbow Blades’ transgender members, has been attending matches since she was six years old. The standout moment of her sixty-four years supporting the club is the 2003 playoff semi-final v Nottingham Forest.

“The match ended 2–2 and went into extra time,” Stephanie recalls. “Paul Peschisolido scored for Sheffield United with eight minutes remaining before Des Walker's own goal made it 4–2. The match ended 4–3 and United progressed to the final with a 5–4 aggregate victory.”

Stephanie is keen to promote the importance of calling out transphobia. “The best thing to do is report it to a steward who can take action immediately,” she says, “or alternatively you can report it to the club.” You can also report anonymously via Kick It Out.

Finally, what message would Stephanie give other Unitedites on this Trans Day of Visibility?

“Rainbow Blades has worked hard along with Sheffield United for everyone to be welcome at football, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. We’re all Blades. Let’s support them together.”

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