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Signing up as a Rainbow Blades ally is the easiest start

I'm a member of Rainbow Blades simply because it's ridiculous that it's even necessary; nobody should feel uncomfortable at a football match – or anywhere – just because of who they are.

I’ve heard it said it's no longer enough to not be racist - to make a difference you really need to be seen as anti-racist and I reckon that’s also true with things such as homophobia and transphobia. And while you might not feel comfortable speaking up yourself, you can show support in other ways.

As well as being a member of the group, I’ve also dropped in on the odd social at Lykke (a good excuse for a friendly pint) and have talked to chairperson James on our badly-named podcast, The Tufty Club. Though I’d never usually recommend our pod, that episode is definitely worth checking out; James was great, and it’s an eye-opening look at Rainbow Blades and what the LGBTQ+ community often have to deal with.

At the end of the day United’s fanbase should be exactly that – united. We all share a love and are like a big weird family, so should look out for each other accordingly.

Marc Webster – Rainbow Blades member

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