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Be Your Own “Game of Two Halves”

Be Your Own “Game of Two Halves”

As a young lad, I always struggled to make both halves of me play together – my feminine side and my masculine side. I wanted to paint my nails, play with dolls, do ballet and dance, but I also wanted to play in the mud, dig up worms, and have a kickabout with the lads.

When you’re young and throughout your life, embracing all aspects of you as a person can be hard, especially when there’s so much pressure on how to act or behave – regardless of who you are or how you identify.

Much like our beloved football, we’re all a ‘game of two halves’, and as they say, ‘the game’s not played on paper’, so why try to be a pre-determined paper-thin stereotype?

The older I got, the more I realised we have to embrace every aspect of who we are, just as we do with every aspect of footy. Take the beauty with the ugliness, the wins with the losses – paint your nails red and black, pull on your Blades shirt, get the lads and lasses together, chant and cheer until your throat’s sore, and never lose your voice!

Author: Jack De Graaf (he/him), Bond Bryan (Rainbow Blades sponsor)

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