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We're all human and all humans are different and unique

Today's column is written by one of our younger Rainbow Blades members, 13-year-old Poppy.

Did you know that about 1 in every 10 adults identify as LGBTQ+? A 2023 survey revealed that ‘Generation Z’ were twice as likely as Millenials to identify as LGBTQ+ and 4 times as likely as those in ‘Generation X'. Personally, I think this shows how having more representation in the media has had an effect on how comfortable young people feel with their sexuality.

Some people don't want their kids seeing LGBTQ+ representation on TV because they think it's going to 'turn them gay' but all it can do is help people realise how they actually feel, not change them. You see straight couples on TV all the time and nobody ever complains about that. I think that people should stop treating LGBTQ+ individuals differently because we're all human and all humans are different and unique. So let's not discriminate against people for being who they are because they can't just stop being who they are can they?

Rainbow Blades would like to invite younger Blades fans to join us in the John Street family hub before our home game with Brighton where there will be crafts, activities and more!

Poppy – Rainbow Blades member

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