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The ‘Chelsea rent boy’ chant is homophobic and now, Illegal.

For decades, homophobia has been an easy, acceptable go-to for fans to denigrate opposition players or supporters.

In March 2021, Chelsea FC and Chelsea Foundation launched the No To Hate campaign, a club-wide equality, diversity and inclusion programme aiming to educate communities and the wider football industry, and be a leading force in the fight against all forms of hate. 

Chelsea Pride and other LGBTQ+ fan groups led a campaign to ‘Retire the Chant’, the FA finally included the term on their list of punishable chants in January 2023.

Last year, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) – the main public agency for prosecuting crimes in England and Wales – announced that the "rent boys" chant is a hate crime, meaning clubs whose fans sing these offensive songs can be punished as they would be for racism, which could include a lifetime banning order.

Tracy Brown, Chair of Chelsea Pride, continues to work with police, the CPS and football authorities on all aspects of this chant. To educate will be the only way to stop this homophobic chant. 

Rainbow Blades Founder, James Laley said: “Chelsea supporters I have spoken with have said they find the chant deeply upsetting. Chelsea LGBTQ+ fans & their allies have rightly said that homosexuality should not be something that is shamed, demonised, and ridiculed.”

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