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SheffLaces is the home of Sheffield Rainbow Laces and Rainbow Blades

Rainbow Blades & SAYiT bring LGBT+ Awareness to Children

Rainbow Blades first and foremost are an LGBT+ & Allies supporters’ group. Engaging our members and working with the club to ensure SUFC is welcome to everyone, but we also have a responsibility to work within our community, with our charity partner and to make a difference to those young people who are making their way in society, involving themselves in physical activity and football.

It is extremely important the younger generation grow up to accept people for who they are, educated in LGBT+ awareness and understand football is for everyone.

On 12th April, Rainbow Blades accompanied SAYiT to help deliver some LGBT+ awareness training & handout Rainbow Laces to children aged 5-11 at GOALS Sheffield, who were part of a football camp run by the Palmer School of Excellence.

Rainbow Blades Founder, James Laley said “Today was a joy. To be able to talk about Rainbow Blades, Rainbow Laces, and support SAYiT as they delivered a fantastic LGBT+ Awareness session to young children is another reason why we exist. Things won’t change unless activities like this happen. To see 30 kids, lace their boots up with Rainbow Laces was fantastic”.

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