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Rainbow Blades: Proud Allies

Rainbow Blades launches Proud Allies campaign during Pride month to highlight the importance of Allyship to the LGBTQ+ community and make Sheffield United FC truly United for All.

Activation Week: 14 - 20 Jun

Rainbow Blades encourage other Sheffield United fan groups and organisations in the city to pledge their allegiance to their Proud Allies campaign.

The aim of Proud Allies is to increase awareness of allyship, why it is needed, and to expand the base of visible allies around the club and beyond. All new members will receive a digital Rainbow Blades Allyship booklet and, in addition, campaign pin badges will be on sale through the group’s website, with a £1 donation from every sale going to their Charity Partner, SAYiT. A video will be released featuring members and other allies speaking on the topic of Allyship, recorded outside Bramall Lane. Rainbow Blades is grateful to Whittam Cox Architects for its sponsorship of this campaign.

How can people get involved?

  • Make a pledge on social media

  • Buy a pin badge from our shop (£1 from every sale goes to our charity partner, SAYiT)

  • Join us as a Rainbow Blades member - EVERYONE is welcome

  • Spread the word - on social media, in the pub, on the phone… let’s get this FAR & WIDE

  • Download our Allyship Guide booklet from the allies page on our website

James Laley, Rainbow Blades Founder & Chair, said:

“The Rainbow Blades Allies campaign is another vitality important part of what we do & what Rainbow Blades is all about. The campaign isn’t just a flash in the pan. We want this to have longevity and work in tandem with Rainbow Blades. We want to be able to empower and give confidence to all Sheffield United fans to be #ProudAllies. Sheffield United fans are a family and we should all stand together, United for all.”

Anna Kent, Campaign Lead for Rainbow Blades, added:

“It’s so important that we work with groups linked with the club, around the city, and beyond to highlight the importance of LGBTQ+ allyship. Our voice is so much stronger when we stand together. It’s wonderful that almost half of our membership of over 200 people are straight allies. We’d love this to be more than half! The vital work of Rainbow Blades will continue until every Sheffield United fan feels confident to be themselves at Bramall Lane.”

Amy Hood, EMPOWER LGBTQ+ Coordinator at Sheffield United, commented:

“The Rainbow Blades Allies Campaign is an incredibly powerful campaign and one that has potential to make a real impact and kickstart change both down at The Lane and in the Football Community as whole. The work Rainbow Blades has done over the last year has been unbelievable and the Allies Campaign is just yet another amazing piece of work they have put together. Football is all about being for everyone and having as many Allies on board as possible will ensure football can be reached by everyone – including the LGBT+ community. The Allies campaign will be so influential in raising awareness of how to be inclusive to everyone and give opportunities for every Sheffield United fan to be a part of the family down at Bramall Lane without feeling uncomfortable or excluded.”

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