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Inclusivity is close to our hearts.

We first heard about Rainbow Blades at Pinknic in 2022. I joined as an ally and then 6-year-old Ed wanted to sign up.

Our eldest child is a member of the Queer Community so inclusivity is close to our hearts. Raising children to accept peoples’ differences with love, kindness and curiosity is essential; it gifts them the opportunity to fully express themselves and embrace others who do the same.

We talk openly with our children about inclusivity, gender and sexual orientation; answering questions in an honest, age-appropriate way. The existence of organisations like Rainbow Blades makes these conversations easier.

In April, Ed and his Dad watched the men’s team v Manchester City at Wembley. The following day, we watched the women’s team triumph against Sunderland, with a crowd of friends. It was an exciting experience being at Bramall Lane for a Women’s match: it felt safe, inclusive and very family-oriented. Seeing women excel at what has traditionally been a men’s game felt empowering for both me and my son.

Ed loves wearing his Rainbow Blades scarf to games because “rainbows are cool and colourful”. He understands what it represents and is proud to be a Rainbow Blade, as am I.

Hannah Collinson – Rainbow Blades member

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