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An open letter to Jake Daniels

An open letter to Jake Daniels

Dear Jake,

Many of us at Rainbow Blades related to your experience of coming out, knowing first-hand how nerve-wracking and deeply personal it is. To do this in the public eye shows enormous bravery and we are delighted you have received such fantastic support from your club and the wider football world.

The impact you have had and will continue to have by inspiring gay and LGBTQ+ footballers at all levels cannot be underestimated. You have shown people do not have to change who they are to fit in; that they belong as they are. No one should have to hide any part of themselves to be accepted in football, the beautiful game we all love.

Thank you for being visible in a space where many of us have previously felt unseen and for showing that everyone can aspire to be their happiest, most authentic self in every aspect of their life. We look forward to seeing how your career develops both on and off the pitch and hope to welcome you to Bramall Lane in the future.

Best wishes

Rainbow Blades

Sheffield United FC’s Official LGBTQ+ & Allies Supporters Group.

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