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Home is a coffee with Rainbow Blades pals at Lykke

Home is grabbing a pre-match pint at Triple Point

Home is a cone of chips from Man Friday

Home is a packed out Bramall Lane on a cold November night

Home is 30,000 Blades belting out the Greasy Chip Butty song

Home is league one and the premier league Home is belonging It’s feeling comfortable in my own skin

It’s meeting fellow LGBTQ+ fans

It’s being out and proud

It’s belonging to Rainbow Blades

I’m proud to call Sheffield my home.

I’m proud to be a life-long Blade.

I’m proud to be a Rainbow Blade.

Let’s make sure everyone feels at home at beautiful downtown Bramall Lane.

Be an Ally, become a Rainbow Blade.

Home by Anna Kent, Rainbow Blades member

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