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Please use the quantity to decide how much you would like to donate e.g) Quantity 5 = £5.

By donating via this method versus a third party it means we will recieve your full donation.  


Sheffield Rainbow Laces holds community football events to raise awareness and inclusion of LGBT+ people in sport.

Rainbow Blades aims to bring total and comprehensive LGBT+ equality, diversity & inclusivity to Sheffield United FC. Our mission is to bring together Blades across our communities to ensure a safe and inclusive environment for everyone at this progressive football club.


Both are not-for-profit and are able to continue to hold these events because of sponsorship & donations of individuals and organisations. Donations also give everyone the opportunity to get involved in Rainbow Blades' next step on our journey. Any donation, however small, will help us to continue in our mission to make Sheffield United FC & football in Sheffield inclusive for all.


Your donation can also help us ensure membership remains free so we are accessible to all.  


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