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Rainbow Blades and communities of Sheffield United join to ask you to ‘Play Your Part’

Rainbow Blades have brought together a range of different people whilst collaborating with the football club to make one very simple request. Play Your Part.

The Play Your Part film and campaign centres around one common theme, how everyone from this great city and connected to Sheffield United be it fans, businesses, charities, can all play their part in making Bramall Lane and football in general a welcoming place for EVERYONE!

Rainbow Blades Founder, James Laley said “Across football over the 2023/24 season we have seen a disturbing rise in discrimination towards players and supporters. As an inclusive supporters’ group, we wanted to take a lead, so we created the ‘Play Your Part’ film & campaign. This film has a very simple message. Sheffield United fans can play their part to help make Bramall Lane an inclusive ground for all Blades and visiting fans. Homophobia, Racism, Sexism, Ableism, or any other kind of discrimination should never be tolerated online or in person”.

“This film & campaign has two actions for Blades.

1.     Help make Bramall Lane an inclusive ground by taking ownership of your own actions.

2.    Report discrimination if you witness or experience it online or in person.

Let’s continue to be United for All and Play Your Part.”

Sheffield United Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Manager, Amy Hood said “For me, the main beauty of this film is one under-represented group standing up for every other group, as well as its own. True Equality and Inclusion both in football and society, can never be fully achieved without everyone working together and challenging all types of discrimination, whilst raising awareness of individual differences to celebrate one another's Diversity. Everyone deserves the opportunity to be themselves, free from discrimination or abuse, or fear of this, as well as be able to achieve whatever they set out to.

The film truly is simple yet impactful and highlights how working together is the best form of action.

As ever, the Football Club are proud to support both Rainbow Blades and our full fanbase in making Sheffield United and Bramall Lane, a place for everyone to support the Blades. We won't stop until the abuse stops.”


How to report

Sheffield United

Contact with as much detail and description as possible.

Kick it Out

Contact Kick it Out via or message them on social media, email or report via the Kick it Out app. 

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