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New Year feels a long time ago

Settling back into the daily routine can feel nice after the busyness of the holiday period. For me coming back from visiting friends and family to my own bed felt quite good.

However, this time of year can be tough. We still have the dark nights, and the days and weeks can start to blur together. Finding things to look forward to can be difficult. For a lot of us it can be booking holidays.

I was starting to feel the January blues until we had our first Rainbow Blades committee meeting of the year last week. Obviously, any conversation with fellow Blades can lift your spirits but once we got down to business the anticipation started to build. We spent a lot the time looking ahead and making plans for the rest of the season. There is a lot I am getting excited for.

For details keep an eye on our social media channels.

Living in London can make it tough to get to a match and I can’t wait to be back at BDTBL in February.

Rainbow Blades Committee member, Callum Mackay

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