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Proud Allies
Rainbow Blades encourages SUFC fans
to pledge their support as LGBTQ+ Allies.

Buy a pin badge!


£5 incl. P&P and a £1 donation to our Charity Partner, SAYiT, Sheffield's LGBT+ charity for young people.

Read our Allies Booklet

Find out more about Allyship and read our top tips

for being a 'reyt good' LGBTQ+ ally.

on Social Media

Let your friends and followers know that you're proud to be an LGBTQ+ ally. 

Download our #ProudAlly graphics below and share them with pride. Remember to tag @rainbowblades

Not sure what to write? Why not use our template:

I'm proud to be an #LGBTQ+ ally!


I'm an ally because [              ]🤝)


Let's continue to strive for a club that's truly United for All ⚔️


Check out ➡️


#ProudAlly @rainbow_blades | #sufc #twitterblades


Download the #ProudAlly graphic for your preferred platform below and pledge your allegiance.

Tips for Being a Top


Allyship Mythbuster.jpg
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