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Sport is for everybody, and while it is often said that football is slow to change, the evolution of the beautiful game has never been more important. A key pillar of this progression is inclusivity, both within sport as well as wider society. Football is a showcase with a huge platform and it is time for the sport to play its part in changing the conversation by using its power to drive this change in attitude in order to create a more diverse and welcoming environment. This is exemplified within Rainbow Blades, an LGBT+ Sheffield United supporters group who are promoting a new mentality within the sport that aims for greater equality, diversity and inclusion.


A crucial factor in this movement is making connections and gaining support from wider society outside the football club. A prime example of this is Urbana Town Planning, led by Adam Murray, a committee member and sponsorship officer of the Rainbow Blades. Urbana is a brilliant example of the ways in which local businesses can support their own communities through sport to create real change. As a town planning consultancy based in the heart of Sheffield, Urbana is armed with a wide expanse of contacts in the local and wider business community, through which the Rainbow Blades can become more visible and reach out to a wider audience.


Supporting Rainbow Blades is an excellent way of showing how to conduct meaningful interaction within the local community and demonstrating how a modern inclusive organisation should operate. By setting this trend in the professional arena, Urbana and those who choose to get involved set a benchmark for others.


It is imperative that local businesses and organisations follow suit in this way and support movements such as Rainbow Blades. Through visibility and accessibility in the local community, Rainbow Blades are able to make a crucial positive contribution to Sheffield United FC, football in the local region and in the wider sport. With a powerful backing in the local setting, Rainbow Blades and SUFC will be able to progress the football environment and create a football club that everyone in the city can be proud of.


Dice is a multidisciplinary engineering consultancy based in Sheffield city centre and the East Midlands. With a focus on intelligent engineering design tailored for a technology-driven world, our diverse experience and expertise ensure precise and forward-thinking solutions.


At Dice, we strive to be more than just a business; we aim to be a beacon of simplicity and humanism. Embracing creativity and new technologies, we continually push boundaries to unlock new possibilities for our clients.


Our mantra, 'Engineering with Integrity,' is not just a slogan; it's a commitment to equality and diversity. We believe in treating everybody with respect and celebrating what makes each individual unique. Bold and ambitious, we have always sought to stand apart from our peers as a forward-thinking and innovative organization.


We are proud supporters of the Rainbow Blades and the LGBTQ+ community. By proudly flying the rainbow flag, we demonstrate our dedication to fostering a society where diversity is celebrated, and everyone is valued for who they are. We look forward to collaborating with our peers to create a world where people of all backgrounds, religions, and faiths are embraced for their individuality.

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Community, Equality & Family is at the heart of everything we do & supporting Rainbow Blades is our absolute pleasure. As proud supporters of Sheffield United & championing LGBTQ+ communities, We couldn't think of a better cause to stand with. 

ActionCOACH Sheffield provides business growth services and support for businesses in Sheffield and beyond. 

Through our coaching, we help leaders improve all aspects of their business and their lives by compounding results.

We empower business leaders to make better decisions, quicker. We enable every owner to have the flexibility & freedom to choose what they do & when they do it. Being a Sheffield’r is important to us, and so are the people.




As a modern employer of almost 4,000 people, Ant Marketing has embraced a contemporary approach to a world of diversity and inclusion across all of its offices in South Yorkshire.  The Rainbow Blades is a fantastic initiative that replicates our own commitment to inspiring talent and building confidence in an empathetic environment, with its leaders dedicated to raising awareness and acceptance. We are thrilled and privileged to be part of the sponsorship team.


Our own strategy resonates very closely to that of the Rainbow Blades. Nobody should be singled out, judged, or considered different – bias and stereotyping are not welcome in our business, nor should they be across our community. Our senior team has been working tirelessly over the last two years to embed a culture of empathetic management and peer support, creating inclusive team environments for a diverse mix of talent and skills, which are paramount for success in both business and sports environments.


We know the Rainbow Blades adapt a similar approach to Ant Marketing, embracing determination, resilience, compassion, and confidence. We’ve adapted our learning styles to encourage questions as we strive for increased engagement across out teams.


As dedicated lifelong Blades, the senior team and owners at Ant Marketing are excited to align our brand with the Rainbow Blades and we are dedicated to supporting their endeavours in achieving a greater presence in the local community, as well as Sheffield United’s contribution to a more inclusive football community on a national level.




Prominate creates innovative promotional experiences for brands and their customers through the medium of promotional materials.

We produce award-winning promotional material programs applying strategic thinking, creativity, and operational excellence and combining it with a deep understanding of our client's objectives, target audiences, and metrics.

Our programs encompass a wide variety of promotional products and branded merchandise specifically designed to generate brand awareness and brand loyalty and drive a tangible ROI, resulting in award-winning promotional campaigns.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are three closely linked values held by Prominate as we work to support different groups and individuals across the globe. This extends to the wellbeing, development, and inclusivity of Prominate and our licensees.

We are also dedicated to delivering valuable social impact to communities across the globe. By partnering with such as award-winning LGBTQ+ inclusive supporters group Rainbow Blades, who help build and promote equality, diversity, and inclusivity for football fans.




As a business we have extensive links to Sheffield United as their partner Architects for all aspects of the club buildings and facilities; both existing and planned.


Adding the Rainbow Blades to our existing club partnership connections is something we are delighted to be associated with.

We wholly endorse the vision and mission of Rainbow Blades and are proud to put our name to this very worthwhile supporter group of Sheffield United Football Club.

Would you like to be our next sponsor and join our growing team?

The Rainbow Blades aims to bring the LGBT+ communities and Allies of Sheffield United Football Club together to celebrate the diversity of the club, highlight inclusion and increase LGBT+ visibility. Ensuring a safe and inclusive environment for all Blades at a progressive football club.

The Rainbow Blades are always looking for more support. We would love for you to be partners with the Rainbow Blades alongside many others, showing your support for these important issues, and gaining good coverage from the club across the globe.

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