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Sam Badger


"I am passionate that our club should be & will be a role model on inclusivity for other clubs."

Sam Badger

Sam Badger is the Daughter of the late great Sheffield United legend, Len Badger. 
Rainbow Blades Ambassador


Sam Badger says “When my father was offered the role of a Rainbow Blades Ambassador several months ago he called me to tell me of his immense pride and excitement at the prospect of meeting & working with our LGBTQ+ Blades community. So, I'm here to tell you of my considerable pride of not only filling the role my dad would have loved to have but also my pride of been part of our inclusive, positive & progressive community. I am passionate that our club should and will be a role model for others. I can't wait to meet Rainbow Blades very soon."  

Rainbow Blades Founder & Chair, James Laley says "I've had the pleasure not only to meet and have a coffee with Len Badger but also his Daughter, Sam Badger. Sam is so proud to attempt to fill the shoes of her Father and help lead the way on Equality, Diversity & Inclusion just as Len wanted to. Just like Len was, Sam can't wait to meet Rainbow Blades and work with us and the club to ensure we are welcome to all. We are delighted to welcome Sam on board."    


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